Superpig is a Research & Development Program, co-financed by the Fund for the Promotion of Institutional Agreements of the Lombardy Region, Universities and Research. It aims to create a Technology Platform for the use of pig in biomedical field (organ and tissue transplants) and biotechnology (animal model).

In Lombardy Region there are several research groups well recognized internationally  which are working on this area, and are involved in this project. The research groups are based in six different location of five Lombardy provinces.

This project, which will have an impact on both the development of new biomedical technologies and in research industry, is co-financed by the Lombardy Region and by the project partners (30-40 between researchers and technicians are involved).

In addition to the basic scientific knowledge that will be obtained, the project aims to protect the intellectual property that will be generated and to act as a "technological platform" that will be made available to other research institutions and particularly enterprises as services for further development.