Genetic engineering

The goal of the Genetic Engeneering and Clonining sub-project is to identify some genomic regions in pig, as already shown for mouse and human genome, which are particulary suitable for transgenic integration without any negative effects and to ensure high level expression.

These loci will be then manipulated using different molecular approaches with specific vectors including the Zn finger nuclease, the Cre/lox  system, or with random integration exploiting the lamin B2 as insulator. The most promising approach will be then used to generate cloned animals carrying the site of high recombination and expression.

The potential applications and economic impact are related both to the development of vectors of transgenesis optimized for the insertion of new genes in the pig and to the development of transgenic pigs that can be used as optimized receivers for the insertion and expression of novel genes of interest.

The development of such products would be of interest for the field of biotechnology towards the production of recombinant proteins of pharmaceutical interest, the biomedical industry for the production of tissue and or organs for transplantation and for the zootechnical sector allowing the production of animals with desired characteristics, in particular the resistance to diseases.